Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dr. Seuss Cookies

Dr. Seuss themed cookies: Cat in the Hat hats, Green eggs for Green Eggs and Ham, and blue and red fish for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

I've included some pictures of the cookies while they were in progress. For the hat cookies, I used a Crooked Hat Cookie Cutter. I outlined these cookies first with royal icing in a stiff, piping consistency. I used a Wilton #3 tip for the outline since a slightly wider line worked better for these particular cookies. Next I filled in the spaces with white and red 20-second icing, and, after they dried, I drew the little scribbly details with my black food dye marker.

I had to mix two batches of white icing since I hadn't made enough initially, and I had some cratering issues with the second batch. I'm fairly certain that it was because the second batch was slightly thinner and had more water than my original mixture. I've determined that for thin, enclosed spaces (like the spaces at the bottom of the hats), thicker icing holds up better than icing that is more watered down.

For the fish, I outlined them first with a Wilton #2 tip in black icing and then filled them in with red and blue flood icing. Once the red and blue icing was dry, I piped on the eyes and mouth with my remaining black icing and drew on the addition details with my black food dye marker.

For the eggs, I piped white, 20-second icing onto a round cookie. I gave it the asymmetrical look of a fried egg and filled it in immediately after it was outlined. One the white icing was dry, I added the green egg yolks with 20-second icing, and piped on a few black lines as added detail.


  1. Do you mind me asking what fish cutter you used?
    I have the hat cutter and need to make the fish cutter and I love the one you used!

  2. Hi Jennifer - I don't mind you asking! This is the cookie cutter that I used:

  3. These are wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!🌞

  4. Hi there .
    How do you get the icing to not bleed . Everyone I outline...let dry and fill in the next day the colours have all bled together

    1. What brand of food dye do you use? I have this problem if I use too much food coloring when I mix the colors or if I don't let the icing dry completely but it sounds like you are letting the icing dry so it doesn't sound like this is the issue. I use Americolor gel food coloring which doesn't tend to bleed into the other colors as much as some other brands. If I oversaturate the colors then there is a higher chance that the colors will bleed - even if I let the icing dry completely before I add the next color.

      The icing colors will darken naturally if you let them sit out (covered, of course) for a bit before you decorate. For red, I will usually make it a very light red and for black I will make it a dark gray and let it sit for a few hours. By the time I am ready to decorate, it is the color that I want and less likely to bleed into the other colors because there is less food dye in the icing.

      I hope this helps!