Monday, June 30, 2014

Guinea Pig Cookies

My daughters have a new pet, a guinea pig named Max, and so making guinea pig cookies was the next logical step (at least in my house). I found the cookie cutter at For the orange/brown color I followed Sweet Sugar Belle's instructions for making tan icing and then added a bit of orange. The nose and feet were colored with Americolor Warm Brown - a deceptively named color since it's really more pink than brown.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Horse Cookies

The smaller roses on the horses are swirl rosettes and I made them with a Wilton #16 star tip. The larger rose on the horseshoe is a Wilton Rose made with a Wilton #3 round tip and a Wilton #101 petal tip. I made the flowers ahead of time and added them to the cookies later as royal icing transfers.

I decorated the horseshoe with gray royal icing and then airbrushed it with a silver metallic sheen after the icing was dry. I used a small dot of leftover royal icing to glue the rose onto the horseshoe. I transferred the smaller swirl roses onto the horse while the horses manes and tail were still drying. The worked to glue the swirl roses onto the horses.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Sea Otter Cookies

My first grade daughter had a sea life science unit at the end of the school year. She picked one animal, the sea otter, and wrote a research report about it. Of course, this was a perfect excuse to make sea otter cookies. School finished up earlier this week, but I made them for her this week anyway. She really liked them.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Giraffe Cookies

I used a mixture of Americolor Ivory and Egg Yellow to make the base color of the giraffe. The mixture was approximately 2/3rd Ivory and 1/3rd Egg Yellow. The giraffe's tail color was made primarily with Americolor Ivory with a very small amount of Americolor Chocolate Brown.
I outline and flooded the body of the giraffe with royal icing first, using my oven trick to quickly dry the top of the icing and prevent cratering. I added the eye, mane, and tail details next using outline consistency icing.
Next I piped on a small dot of ivory colored royal icing and adhered a heart sprinkle near the top of the giraffe's head.
Since the oven had already dried the top of the royal icing, I didn't need to wait for the icing to dry completely to paint the giraffe's spots. I used Americolor Airbrush food dye in gold to do this. I used the smallest brush in my Wilton paint brush set to paint the details. I made sure the brush was barely damp (not dripping) and painted the spots with a very thin layer of food dye. Once the gold food coloring was dry (this only took a few minutes), I went over the spots a second time to get the shiny gold tone I wanted.