Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Giraffe Cookies

I used a mixture of Americolor Ivory and Egg Yellow to make the base color of the giraffe. The mixture was approximately 2/3rd Ivory and 1/3rd Egg Yellow. The giraffe's tail color was made primarily with Americolor Ivory with a very small amount of Americolor Chocolate Brown.
I outline and flooded the body of the giraffe with royal icing first, using my oven trick to quickly dry the top of the icing and prevent cratering. I added the eye, mane, and tail details next using outline consistency icing.
Next I piped on a small dot of ivory colored royal icing and adhered a heart sprinkle near the top of the giraffe's head.
Since the oven had already dried the top of the royal icing, I didn't need to wait for the icing to dry completely to paint the giraffe's spots. I used Americolor Airbrush food dye in gold to do this. I used the smallest brush in my Wilton paint brush set to paint the details. I made sure the brush was barely damp (not dripping) and painted the spots with a very thin layer of food dye. Once the gold food coloring was dry (this only took a few minutes), I went over the spots a second time to get the shiny gold tone I wanted. 

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