Monday, June 30, 2014

Guinea Pig Cookies

My daughters have a new pet, a guinea pig named Max, and so making guinea pig cookies was the next logical step (at least in my house). I found the cookie cutter at For the orange/brown color I followed Sweet Sugar Belle's instructions for making tan icing and then added a bit of orange. The nose and feet were colored with Americolor Warm Brown - a deceptively named color since it's really more pink than brown.


  1. Aww cute, thanks for sharing! I make guinea pig cookies each year for our Pignic fundraiser for the local rescue and when I saw yours pop up in a Google search I had to click on it. I like the color pattern and good idea to use warm brown - I've used copper in the past which is a pink/peach but I like your use of warm brown better!

    1. Thank you! Aren't guinea pigs sweet? Our pet was a rescue. We adopted him when he was a bit older. :) I've found that these brown colors can be kind of tricky to mix up that's why I figured it was worth writing about a little!

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