Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wedding Cake Cookies

I made these cookies to give out as party favors for my little sister's wedding. They are made entirely with white royal icing and a variety of white accents. I used the cake cookie cutter from the Wilton Party Cookie Cutter Set to make the cookie shake. After the cookies had cooled completely, I flooded the base of each cookie with white royal icing and let them dry overnight.

My next step was to airbrush the cookies with a mixture of white pearl dust and vodka to give the them a subtle sheen. I used vodka rather than water in my airbrush mixture because the alcohol evaporates faster than water and it's likely that it will mottle the surface of the royal icing like water sometimes can. I made sure to go over lightly with the airbrush. I didn't get the shiny look I wanted with just one pass so I waited for the pearl dust to dry slighting and then went over the cookies with the airbrush again. I needed to do this 3-4 times to get the sheen that I wanted. Once I completed this step, I let the cookies dry for another 20 minutes.

Now came the best part. Adding the details. I used a variety of different sprinkles and accents for this: 

And I used outline consistency royal icing as well. The steps for decorating these was adding ("sanding") the sprinkles first, then adding the sugar pearls, and then piping on any last details with the royal icing. If I had applied the details first (like the lines and twirly vines), the sprinkles might have adhered to them. I would have needed to wait for the details to dry before adding the sprinkles. Adding the sprinkles first saved me a little time.

I applied the sugar pearls by placing a dab of royal icing onto the cookie and then carefully positioning the pearl with a pair of tweezers. I used a PME 1.5 tip to add the outline details (lines and twirly vines) and I used a leaf tip (Wilton 65s) to add the leaves around the sugar pearls.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Pastel Rainbow Cookies

My oldest daughter asked for rainbow cookies to share with her class for her birthday last year and she asked for rainbow cookies again this year. I used the rainbow cookie cutter from the Wilton 3 Piece St. Patrick's Day Cookie Cutter Set. I outlined the clouds in white and then filled them with white, flood consistency royal icing. I let these dry for a couple of hours and then piped on the rainbow with a Wilton #13 star tip. I made sure the royal icing was a stiff consistency so that the stars would keep their shape. This was actually a very easy project. Mixing the different colors and piping the stars took some time, but it wasn't that bad.

To obtain the pastel colors I used the following Americolor food gels:

  • Pink: Dusty pink with a very small amount of royal blue (I used a tiny drop added with a toothpick)
  • Orange: Orange with a very small amount of dusty pink
  • Yellow: 1/3 Lemon yellow and 2/3 Egg Yellow
  • Green: Avocado with a small amount of Leaf Green
  • Blue: Sky Blue
  • Purple: Dusty Pink, Sky Blue, and Royal Purple

 I used Sweet Sugar Belle's trick that she describes here here to make the icing colors match.