Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Vintage Winnie the Pooh Cookies

My friend is having her first baby and although I wasn't able to make it to her shower, I offered to make her some cookies for it. She told me that her baby shower's theme was loosely based on a vintage Winnie the Pooh look, so I made the cookies to go along with this.

For these cookies pictured, I used the onesie cookie cutter from the Wilton Baby Theme Set. Winnie Pooh was the Dancing Bear from and I also found the Honey Pot and Mini Bee cookie cutters at this site as well.

For the rattle, I was inspired by the style Oh Sugar Events' baby rattle. I followed her design but used different colors.

This was one cookie set where having a projector came in handy. I used it to project the polkadots onto the onesie and rattle to get a more precise pattern. I also used it to project my sketches of the honey pot, bees, and Pooh bear onto the cookies. I drew the black outlines on Pooh, Piglet, and the honey pot with a food dye marker once the icing was completely dry.


  1. Love these so much. I'm hoping to create something similar but they won't be as nice as yours. Can you tell me what type of markeroom you used? Fine tip, regular etc.

    1. Thank you! These are the markers I used:

      I hope it helps!