Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Snowy Owl Cookies

My second youngest daughter turned six recently and she loves owls. She has a white owl stuffed animal that she sleeps with every nights and she wanted her cookies to look just like this. That made it a bit easier for me since these owls didn't require a lot of color mixing. These cookies were fairly simple to make.

I own an owl cookie cutter but it's for Halloween and it's wearing a witch's hat. Rather than modify 24 cookies by cutting off the hats before I baked them (these were for her Kindergarten class), I went to Pinterest for inspiration and saw that a tulip cookie cutter made a perfect owl shape. Fortunately, I already owned one of these. All I needed to do was outline and flood the tulip-shaped cookie in white. I let them dry overnight. And then I added the details. I only needed to mix yellow and black icing for the eyes, beak, and feet. There wasn't that much to these.

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