Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jack-O-Lantern Cookies - Tutorial with Pictures

For these cookies, I used the pumpkin cookie cutter in the Wilton 101 cookie cutter set although just about any medium to large sized pumpkin cookie cutter would work for these.

I wanted these jack-o-lanterns to have a layered look with the black jack-o-lantern faces receding into the background, so I used the technique where the black icing is spread flat onto the cookie first and all other icings are layered on top. I have included a few pictures to show how this works.

To spread the black icing onto the cookie, I used an angled cake icing spatula to place of small glob (approximately 1/2 tsp.) of icing onto the cookie. Then I carefully and evenly spread it with the spatula, making sure to not get it too close to the edges of the cookie. The black icing was stiff but not quite outline consistency - closer to 20-second consistency. I needed it to spread easily but not run off the sides of the cookies. 

Once the black icing was dry, I outlined jack-o-lantern faces onto the cookies and the outside edges of the cookies. I left a small indent at the top so that I could add the pumpkins' brown stems and leaves later.

As soon as the outlines were dry, I carefully filled in the pumpkins with a Wilton #2 tip and orange 20-second consistency icing. I was careful not to overfill with the icing, otherwise it might run over my outlined edges and into the jack-o-lantern's faces.

I left these overnight to dry. Then I added the additional details - the brown stem, leaves, and top outlines as shown in the finished picture at the top.

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