Thursday, October 8, 2015

Spider Cookies - Tutorial with Pictures

The cookie cutter I used for these spider cookies is available here: Crouching Spider Cookie Cutter.

When I decorate cookies, I don't like to leave any parts of the cookie undecorated so, first, I outlined and flooded the entire cookie with white royal icing. I left it overnight to dry.

Next, I outlined a circle in the center of the cookies. I used my projector to trace the circle because I am terrible at freehand drawing circles. I used a Wilton icing tip #2 to add the spider's legs.

I let these to dry for about 2-3 hours and then flooded the center of the circle.

While this icing was still wet I added some Jimmie sprinkles to the top of the circle, and then I gently tapped off the excess.


I let these dry slightly, and then I added some leftover icing to the back of two Wilton Candy Eyeballs. I carefully placed the eyeballs on the front of the spiders for the last, finishing touch. This step can wait until the spiders are completely dry, but if you are careful you can add them while the icing is still drying.

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